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Skipping Rope


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Jump your way to feeling fit and healthy with our SHREDDY skipping rope! Feel more toned with sculpted arms, legs, glutes, and core with the SHREDDY skipping rope! Not only is this super portable exercise skipping rope easy to take with you wherever you go (home or the gym), it's also customisable. To modify the 9-foot adjustable jump rope to fit your height, simply unscrew the base of the handles and cut using scissors to alter the length of the cord on either side, secure, and re-screw. 

Skipping is an incredibly effective way of burning calories, help to lose weight, and improving your cardio. It’s a simple, fun, all-round exercise that improves balance and encourages good posture. Skipping works the lower-body muscles, while the weight tones your forearms and arms. With the right technique, skipping can really boost endurance - and we can’t be the only ones who enjoy it far more than most cardio!

Next time you're traveling somewhere, don't forget to pack your essentials: our SHREDDY skipping rope, resistance bands, and our vegan protein powder to build and maintain your gorgeous muscles!

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