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No one else is going to do that workout for you. But 100,000 women in SHREDDY Club are all rooting for you. Motivation, support, exercise tips, recipe ideas, celebrating success...you name it. When the going gets tough, the tough get going to SHREDDY Club!

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About Shreddy

Whether you want to level up your booty game, feel the rush from some extreme cardio or boss that yoga class with a core strength you never knew you had, SHREDDY is all the application you need!

With its huge library of expert-led, easy to follow workouts, real time classes, delicious recipes and the support of 250,000+ other women, SHREDDY is taking the female fitness industry by storm. And now you can support your fitness journey with some of the finest equipment and supplements around. Developed by experts, delivered by professionals and designed around your lifestyle and preferences, SHREDDY puts you in control.

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I would 100% recommend Shreddy whether you are completely new to the gym, wanting a challenge or to be honest wanting a to gain a group of amazing supportive young girls ♥️


Wo­wo­wow. There are so many things I love about Shreddy! If I had to pick an ab­so­lute fa­vor­ite, it would be the vari­ety of ex­er­cises and workouts! Ob­vi­ously, the part every­one is most in­ter­ested in is the workouts, and they did not dis­ap­point!...


It might sound like an ex­ag­ger­a­tion, but it really isn’t. This app has hon­estly changed my life. I now go to the gym con­sist­ently and stick to a healthy diet after years of try­ing to do it my­self. Not only have I lost al­most a stone in 2 months...


I can’t re­com­mend the Shreddy app enough! In Au­gust I fell really ill with a ma­jor Deep Vein Throm­bos­is. The app has really helped with my re­cov­ery, an easy to fol­low plan on a user friendly app...

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