You ask, we deliver - meet My SHREDDY Summer! Our new challenge to get us excited for summer, starting on Monday 19th April. 

My #SHREDDYSUMMER is a challenge you don’t wanna miss! With thousands of women around the world coming together to take part, it’s a chance to get the drive and support you need on your fitness journey whilst being surrounded by an incredible community. From beginners to gym experts we’ve got it all! Complete your workouts at home or in the gym, wherever you feel comfortable.

We wanna know what your SHREDDY Summer is. What are your goals? Managing your fitness routine whilst adjusting back into your old life? Staying motivated throughout the summer? Whether your summer goals are fitness or mental health related, we are here to support you! With things slowly getting back to normal and us all adapting back to socialising whilst maintaining a fitness routine, we just want you to consider what your goals are and help you get there! Together let’s redefine what “summer fitness” looks like, after all there’s no such thing as a summer body. We’re here to help, reclaim what it means for you!

With the success of our last 8 week challenge, we were inundated with messages from you all asking for another challenge. Our prizes are even bigger and better, trust us, you’re not gonna want to miss this challenge. We may even have a new guide up our sleeves...

Live workouts every week? Yep you heard right! We’re gonna be posting a new live workout schedule every week on our stories so you can choose and add the ones you don’t wanna miss to your calendar. Attend them all or only do a couple, it’s completely free and up to you!

Join the club and chat to our community of motivated women and be in with a chance of winning some huge prizes along the way, including FREE SHREDDY memberships, exclusive SHREDDY kit bundles and huge cash prizes!

How to win:

My SHREDDY Summer kicks off on the 19th April so make sure you’re enrolled by 25th April. 

For the next 8 weeks, we want everyone to be involved and feel comfortable and confident to smash their fitness goals. 

Make sure you’re following @shreddyclub & @shreddy on Instagram for our weekly challenges. 

We will be announcing our fitness challenge every Monday on our Instagram @shreddyclub. We will be reviewing your content and engagement within the app and on our socials to pick the right winners! 

At @shreddyclub, we love sharing content from our community throughout the challenge, so for the chance to be featured make sure you keep tagging us in your stories and posts.

If your IG profile is private, don’t forget to add SHREDDY and SHREDDYCLUB to your close friends list so we don’t miss out on you tagging us!

How to Enrol:

  1. Signup to Shreddy
  2. Download the app and login
  3. Go to challenges on the content tab
  4. Select My Summer Shreddy Challenge
  5. Tap Join!
  6. Start chatting with everyone else