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The SHREDDY app lets you sweat it out in high-energy workouts, get involved in real-time classes and tuck into tasty and healthy meal plans. With the SHREDDY Kit you can step up your game with top quality gym accessories and vegan-certified nutritional supplements.

And through it all, there to cheer you on and help you along is the SHREDDY Club , a friendly global community of women ­– because you can’t have perspiration without motivation.

Join 1000s of women like you today and get SHREDDY to reach your goals.


I would 100% recommend Shreddy whether you are completely new to the gym, wanting a challenge or to be honest wanting a to gain a group of amazing supportive young girls ♥️


Wo­wo­wow. There are so many things I love about Shreddy! If I had to pick an ab­so­lute fa­vor­ite, it would be the vari­ety of ex­er­cises and workouts! Ob­vi­ously, the part every­one is most in­ter­ested in is the workouts, and they did not dis­ap­point!...


With a community of over 100k+ women from all over the world, you’re not gonna want to miss this one! There’s strength in numbers, so we want as many of you as possible to take part and sign up today. Join our amazing community and take part in something you’ll never forget!

For 12 weeks, set your goals and follow any guide on the SHREDDY app, then share your progress with our lovely community.

introducing our Newbies guide

Let's face it, no one likes being new at anything... But everyone starts somewhere and that's why our new Newbie Guides are perfect for helping you to progress without the need for any experience! From your living room to the gym floor, we have a newbie guide for any environment! From step by step guidance to videos for each exercise we give you the exact guide you need to smash it, every time Get back to basics in just 12-weeks and smash your fitness goals!!


While some may insist on rigid meal and workout plans, at SHREDDY, we don’t think life should be that boring. Instead, the SHRED-DIARY lets you set preferences, plan meals for the week and move your workouts around – swap them around, move from one day to another, or even from the gym to the living room.



With the sea of equipment on offer in the gym, it can be so tempting to just jump into the first thing you set your eyes on. But rather than falling to the floor after trying EVERY machine, we’ll have you working out smarter!

Each of our guides gives you a full gym-centred workout that’s tailored to your fitness objectives, personal preferences and work out style – whether you want to lose fat, tone up or get lean, pop on your favourite kit and let’s get it, girl!


We get it, when you’re at home, it can be so easy to lose motivation, get distracted or find literally ANYTHING else to do – enter your new home-gym buddy, SHREDDY.

We have 10 and 20 minute home fitness guides that’ll help you set your goals and reach them with just your bodyweight and minimal equipment. Choose to focus on fat loss or toning up and let’s smash this homeWERK.


If you lift a 60kg barbell and no one is around to see it, did it even happen? SHRED the haters with the in-app performance log. Here you can track every set, rep and weight, and, depending on what equipment you have, switch out or add in extra exercises.


Sometimes we all need a bit of a push, so our real-time classes are as inviting as they are intense. Follow along with our unique Cardi-No, Legs-Go and Ready, Shreddy, Go classes on your app or cast to your TV via Airplay.


Kick your #GymSelfies up to a #SHREDDYSelfie. Our progress tracker feature lets you take progress pics, track your growth and create journal entries. Because there’s nothing more satisfying than taking a look back at how far you’ve come and feeling inspired for the future.


Hands up who likes eating lettuce and air? Yeah, didn’t think so. That’s why we’ve worked with top nutritionists to create meal plans that’ll fulfil your fitness goals and fill you up – even creamy, indulgent pastas… well, you can’t be expected to lift on an empty stomach.

As with everything at SHREDDY, feel free to stick to your meal plan exactly, sub in similar dishes, or just use it for recipe inspo. If you like, we can even provide you with a shopping list for the week – helping you budget and removing the temptation to add those, ahem, extras to your trolley.


Hitting the gym or the mat is something to look forward to, but sometimes you need a little motivation to get that perspiration. The SHREDDY Club is full of women just like you and we love meeting new people.

Need a new killer workout reco? Want a fresh new breakfast recipe? The community are all over it – come say hi!

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