Toning up, getting fit, sculpting muscle, losing fat...everybody’s got different fitness goals because every body is different. That’s why these are just four of the eight primary goals you can set in SHREDDY’s revolutionary fitness app. Short on time or craving longer sessions? We can work with that. At home or in the gym? Same. No-one sticks with a workout they hate so SHREDDY was designed to fit in with your preferences and around your lifestyle.


The new SHREDDY additions are here to provide an alternative to your standard gym classes, as well as being an exciting option for those of you who love class workout styles but prefer to train at home! There are 3 categories, perfect for however you want to move - SWEATY, STRENGTH and STRETCH. All classes have got PTs leading you through each exercise at different ability levels. So follow along at beginner, intermediate or advanced levels and watch yourself improve each week. These new classes are designed to push you out of your comfort zone. So trust us when we say you'll leave feeling shattered but SHREDDY!


Any calendar which lets you plan your workouts around your other commitments is great. But one which will adapt on the fly and let you swap sessions in/out as your mood (or real life!) takes you is better! "They say everyone’s got a plan until real life shows up but" Now there’s no need to feel bad for missing a session. It’s easy to slot it back in another day if you just aren’t feeling it. And on any days when you’re really up for it, SHREDDY makes it easy to choose an extra session from its huge library of challenging workouts.

Home guides, gym guides, real-time classes and any of the other new stuff we’ve got coming, it’s easy to drop it into your calendar at a time and day to suit you. Because if it doesn’t work with you, it won’t work for you.

Health Tracking, Progress updates and Journals


Because exercise is only one part of a lifestyle that will get you up and at ‘em, buzzing for what’s next in life, SHREDDY is also your personal meal planner. Consolidate those gains and choose from dozens of meals formulated by top nutritionists or just let SHREDDY assign you a meal perfectly aligned with your primary fitness goal. And it’s easy to swap out any meal for another one you fancy. You can even add in your own meals! Or why not share them with an appreciative audience of thousands on SHREDDY Club!

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